An ode to domestic space: a series of cloths for the home with a radical flair           

ÆDES is the Latin name for “building, living quarters, room”, but also for “temple”, developing from the volumes and material contrasts of Brandlhuber’s Antivilla.
From this mainspring, the three entities involved reflect on the concept of living as a ritual: three sculpture-vases, similar to emblematic objects, are decorated by deconstructed and immanent modern ikebana, which maintain a dialogue in the environment with light fabrics decorated with essential, primal signs.

       Ortica,Vata, Delia. Cloths produced from veg fibres: a mixture of hemp/cotton and nettle, produced with the fibre obtained from its bark.

Ikebana ︎ Irene Cuzzaniti
Vases   ︎ Studio Testo
Cloths  ︎ AH/OK

Thanks to:

Claudia Zalla | photography



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